Jan 28, 2021

People Moving From High Cost, High Tax States

While this trends has been happening for years, now that more people are working from home and can work from anywhere, they are moving from high cost, high tax states like California, Illinois and New York to low cost, low tax states like Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida.  So much so that the high cost states are losing population, which will result in them having fewer members in Congress as the low cost states gain members of Congress.  And, why not.  Housing prices are much less and some states like Nevada, Texas and Florida have no personal income tax at all.   So moving not only results in a higher quality of life; but more money in the pocket.  People are voting with their feet.

Those living in cold climates facing retirement are also following the trend to move for the very same reasons.  Very often people living in the Mid West retire to Arizona.  People in the Northeast often end up in the Carolinas or Florida.  And in many cases, people making these moves are looking at second tier cities that offer various amenities without the traffic and grid lock that is common in bigger cities.  School are important to younger people with kids.  Seniors are looking for low crime rates and security. Gated communities with lots of activities for those 55 or older have become very popular.

Since our company,  Paragon Home Resources operates throughout the United States, we are assisting our customers with these life decisions to sell and buy homes, as well as, deal with the disposition of household goods and many other services to make moving easy.  We seen the national trends as people move from high cost, high tax states to low cost, low tax states.  As baby boomers turn 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 15 - 20 years, this mass migration will continue and only grow larger.