Jan 31, 2021

Moving Into A 55 Or Older Community

When the time comes, there are many advantages to moving into a 55 or older community.  Though many of these communities are gated for security reasons with private streets paid for by Home Owner Association dues, others are not gated and have regular city streets paid for by property taxes.  Either way, these communities are likely to have club houses with lots of amenities sometimes even including golf.  In addition, the organized activities allow for lots of social interaction usually with people at a similar stage in life.  Living in one of these communities is like being on a cruise with daily activities.

While these communities are for people 55 or older, more often than not the majority of people living in them are usually retired or semi retired.  Though these communities exist all over the country often including rental apartments, condos and homes, the most desirable are in warm locations as people move from cold places to warm places when the retire.  Escaping winter snow is usually high on a priority list when facing retirement. 

Many people choose to be near children and grandchildren in retirement; while others decide that frequent visits are good enough.   In some instances, they are choosing life style over proximity to family.  This is fine until the day comes when aging love ones need help on a regular basis and there are no family members near by.  We sometimes think that day will never come; but if we live to be 80 or more, that day most definitely comes.  That is when living far away from family could become a real problem.

At Paragon Home Resources, we assist with making life decisions.  Whether moving a few miles away, or across the country, we help with selling and buying homes and the disposition of household goods along with many other services to making moving as easy as it can be.  We can also provide counseling on what makes sense today and what may make sense years down the road.  Moving into a 55 or older community is a solid option for many people.