Jan 23, 2021

Working From Home - A Trend That Is Here To Stay

When Covid hit and many companies were forced to shut down their offices and have their employees work from home, a trend that was already happening just accelerated.  There is no turning back. Given the choice, many employees working from home prefer it because they value the flexibility it provides and avoiding long commutes that diminish quality of life.   The implications of people working from home are enormous.  

Companies have realized that they can cut cost for commercial office space dramatically by eliminating some or all of it because people are working from home.  What companies have learned is that the technology is there to provide for all sorts of connectivity to clients, suppliers and customers.  Many commercial office buildings will need to be repurposed because the demand is going away.  

Next, in real estate we clearly see the need for an office in the home.  Going away in newer homes are formal dining rooms and living rooms in favor of open concept great rooms and designated office space, or more bedrooms so at least one can be used as a home office.  Builders already see the trend and are moving to deal with it to meet the needs of their buyers.  In other cases, home renovations are occurring to use square footage differently to meet the family's needs.  

The good news is that working from home means less traffic on freeways, toll roads, highways and city streets, so less pollution.  It also means that employees can choose to live anywhere. They no longer need to live in high cost, high tax states.  They are voting with their feet to move to states and cities that give them a high quality of life at lower cost.   As these changes occur, Paragon Home Resources is positioned to make moving easy.  We do it all.  So, if your life is changing because you are now working from home and your home is not meeting your needs, just call Paragon.  We are experts at assisting with life decisions.