Jan 19, 2021

Family And Friends Matter Most - Stay Connected

In these troubling times, the way to find relieve from the news is to focus on family and friends.  This has become more difficult with all the Covid shut downs causing a lot of isolation.  But there is no reason we can't talk, or Face Time regularly to stay in touch.  And, in most locations we can still gather in small groups for dinners and get togethers.  The key is making quality time for family and friends.  

We human beings are social animals.  We need interaction with others to feel good.  Sunshine helps too. This is true for young and old; but especially true as we grow older when isolation can become even more detrimental to our health.  Food is always a good place to start.  Breaking bread so to speak doesn't just provide nourishment, it provides a way to be together that is good for the mind and soul.

Regular exercise, taking walks with friends or family members is not only healthy, but it provides another excuse to interact.   I know people say that gossip is bad.  I would distinguish between malicious gossip and just catching up with family and friends.  It is also a fallacy that only women gossip.  The fact is that men gossip too, they just don't call it gossip.  Most important, talking is good.  

With the divisions in our country, there may be some topics that are taboo.  Religion and politics unless talking to someone of certain like mind is probably not the best place to start a discussion.  The weather always works to start a conversation.  Most people who have grandchildren enjoy talking about them.  And then, there is old people talk.  That usually involves doctors, health problems and things like Social Security and Medicare.  The fact is any talking at any age is good.