Jan 29, 2021

Selling A House - Starts With Curb Appeal

Before a buyer will even walk into your home to see if it meets their needs, there must be curb appeal that causes them to get out of the car.   There is not much you an do about the architectural style of your home.  It is what it is.  If it happens to be an attractive style, you are that much more ahead of the game.  Either way, the landscaping is important.  Depending on the season, planting some flowers to add color is always good.  If the front door needs paint or refinishing, it is probably a good idea to get it done.  The same is true about any wood work that needs paint or stain.  

Assuming the outside of your home shows well, now you have to work on the inside.  It goes without saying that the home must be neat and clean when buyers walk through.  And, there cannot be any clutter in any room.  Pet smells are a real turn off to most buyers.  And, believe me a dog or cat in the home always results in smells that are not pleasant even to pet lovers.  Many people have way too much furniture anyway.  It is time to get rid of furniture you will not want after the move, or perhaps put it in storage.  Removing furniture is a way to make rooms look bigger, which is always a plus. 

If the home is vacant, it may be a good investment to paint and put new carpet in the home in neutral colors.  Even if the home is not vacant, if there are vivid colors in various rooms, a coat of beige paint may be a good idea.  Check with your real estate agent as to which renovations will return the most money in terms of attracting a buyer.  

Since home inspections always occur as part of a sale everything must be in good working order.  So if anything is not working, it will need be fixed prior to the sale closing.  In some cases, your home could be sold as a fixer upper.  If so, the buyer will need to agree to buying the home in "as is" condition.  Even so, it would be a good idea to pay for a home warranty insurance policy that will cover most repairs that come up after the sale closes as lawsuit mitigation.  Most important, the whole process starts with curb appeal.  Make the exterior of your home as attractive as possible to get the buyer out of that car.   

At Paragon Home Resources, we work with clients all over the nation to sell homes at the highest price possible.  We can provide valuable advice related to little things that can attract a buyer in the shortest time possible.  Selling a home quickly involves some good thinking.  We are there to help.